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About Me

~ The Basics ~

My name is Solymar and it literally means ‘Sun and Sea’ in Spanish.

I’ve been wandering this planet for 19 years now.

I live in a small caribbean island called Puerto Rico.

I haven’t found that special person yet ♥

Passionate about art, music and dance.

Biology Major.

Smart, sensitive, random, nonconformist, self conscious, open minded & over analytical.

Hopeless Romantic. Daydreamer. Party Animal. Reckless. Completely Insane…

~ Obsessions ~

Indie Flicks. Acoustic Songs. Nature. The Beatles. Summer. 30STM. Raves. Photography. Chocolate. Stand Up Comedy. Accents. Traveling. Tattoos & Piercings. Eminem. Fashion. London, Paris & NYC. Bob Marley. Vintage Stuff. Psychedelia. Dubstep & Trance.  

~ This Blog ~

I blog to express, not to impress.

There are no rules, I just post whatever I like.

Don’t judge.